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* Do you know what the DNS outage is?

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DNS outage, DNS downtime, DNS failure are the same thing. Don't get confused. It is the period of time while DNS resolution is not resolving your domain name. That means your domain name is not accessible for your visitors and customers during that time. The process of translation of your domain name to its IP address is not possible.

Some of the reasons for appearing DNS outage are:

  • The DDoS attack involves multiple devices that work together, targeting a victim's computer, with a large amount of traffic intending to make it unable to answer any more queries.
  • Maintenance of the authoritative name server
  • Errors in DNS configuration can cause DNS downtime.

During a DNS outage, your customers are not able to explore your website. That could cause losses both financial and reputational. Therefore, it is a good reason to implement some of the good practices to avoid DNS downtime:

  • Secondary DNS service
  • Load balancing

If you desire to learn more about the topic, we recommend the following article with detailed information about DNS outage!